Method to improve libido

Method to improve libido
1, daily to stimulate the inguinal Canal reinforcement on testicular function: to stimulate the inguinal Canal is located in the root of the penis on both sides can also greatly enhance sexual function. Massage the inguinal Canal approach is to use two fingers to massage penis on both sides, from top to bottom, caressing, pathways to stimulate the blood flow to the testicle. Daily massage, massage every night before going to sleep in the bed.
2, physical exercise is the best aphrodisiac: sports in addition to having a healthy body, the energy, you can increase the oxygen content, increases the secretion of testosterone, Supplement to the male reproductive system are the best, this inner strength is far better than any health care medicines, exercise is the best aphrodisiac.
3, eyes closed meditation beauty accompanied by improved sexual activity: work or leisure time eyes closed meditation, imagination and a pretty girl or you miss, like “on” the details of the women to have sex with, which can make your body’s testosterone secretion is enhanced, making your body organs are getting little exercise, can greatly improve the sensitivity.
4 finger-pressing therapy, penile enhancement virility: often repeated his fingers kneading massage penis, can effectively enhance the activation of nerves and blood vessels of the penis. In bed every morning and evening for massages, for example as a part of sexual foreplay before sex helps establish a climate friendly positive environment.
5, alternating hot and cold water bath to improve sexual ability: this is a very old exercise method for enhancing male sexual function. After the bath tub full of warm and out of the tub, put cold water on the genitals, for 3 minutes or so, penis, scrotum contracted and then into the bathtub. So again 3-5 to the end, if you can do every day, “alternating bath”, men of middle age can be energetic, functional enhancement, alleviating fatigue.

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